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Mere Anarchy 2020

20th Nov 2020, 7:00 PM in Arc 4
Mere Anarchy 2020
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BlueDragon 20th Nov 2020, 7:00 PM
All right, this is the last one for 2020, unless I get time and inspiration to do a Winter Solstice scary themed thing with the doggos. Election's over. Let's put this to sleep and start working towards healing one another and helping our communities. You may not be able to "fix" the world, but you can maybe be a help to those in your own town, city, community.

Be good to each other.

I am going to share this song. I love Death Cab for Cutie.

And Death Cab for Cutie leads me to this rabbit hole (yes, Michael Palin is introducing them). And this song was featured in Magical Mystery Tour. And thus, it all comes back to The Beatles for me, always XD

Finally, this image is not to be confused with Chairman Meow:

lChairman Meow